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This severed arm is layered realistically to have surgery preformed anywhere from the amputated base to the wrist bone (radius and the ulna).

Skin, fat, tissue, muscle, veins, arteries and bone.

Veins/arteries can hold blood and cutting deep will lead to the bone.


Details such as skin color, hair, scars and tattoos are options that can be added. If scars, freckles, birthmarks or tattoos are needed with a specific design or location, please let me know in the text field of this page. Price will vary depending on size and details.


Turn around time: 7-10 days once the order is placed

size: Length/width 20"x5" weight: 5lbs

Human arms/surgery simulation

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  • Once surgury is preformed the arm can be sutured shut like real skin.

    Any tattoos/"skin markings" of any sort will stay in place and not rub off!

    However if hair is added it may "shead" if pulled on or handled roughly.


    To clean off blood or dust gently wipe with a damp paper towel and let airdry. A cloth towel may transfer fibers.