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Dismembered deer leg props, made from stiff foam, various plastics & fake fur. Some legs have hunks of silicone. Every leg is unique in size and position, each order is randomized. If you want a leg in a specific position let me know in the "custom paint section".
Size: 30" long x 9" around the thickest part.

-resin hooves/dew claws
-resin leg bones
-latex flesh

-silicone meat

All parts are fake, although I do work with real fur at times the only time I handle a real item of an animal is to mold and cast replicas.
I'm an effects artist, not a taxidermist.

Dismembered Deer leg

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  • If you have a latex allergy contact me and I can make the latex parts of this prop out of foam or silicone. Extra chages will be added, but only $15-$20